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The mailing list is a place where the community of microgame enthusiasts & professionals can meet electronically & exchange ideas. Fractal Dimension's Don Redick maintains the electronic resources for this list. Thanks again, Don!

Subscribing - Temporary Update
The Microgame Mailing List is now being administered through www.onelist.com. Visit the Onelist Microgame Main Page to sign up for the mailing list. More detailed instructions will be posted shortly!

Past messages posted to the mailing list were stored on Fractal Dimension's ftp site which was vaporized without warning (the Air Eaters or Awful Green Things are primary suspects.) Check the current Mailing List Page at Onelist to see what archives are currently available.

Look Before You Leap...
Please take a moment to read the FAQ before signing up. While no game is off-limits for discussion, it's helpful for new subscribers to know how we've defined the term microgame, and why some games are or aren't included in the database.

We look forward to seeing you on the Mailing List!

Mailing List Coordinator: DJA Redick, djar@mac-addict.com

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