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The Classic microgames (those published before 1987) are long out of print, but enthusiasts across the globe continue to dig up interesting literature and documentation regarding these games. If you have letters, prototypes, or other documentation you would like to post in the Archives, please contact the Webmaster.

For your browsing convenience, some of the larger images in the Archives include a text only link allowing you to view small, fast loading ASCII text files. More text files will be added as time allows.

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The Metagaming Papers
A collection of items acquired from a former Metagaming employee in 1999.

Orbit War: Designer's Correspondence
Orbit War was a magazine game published by Steve Jackson Games in Space Gamer #66. This release was followed by an expansion published in Space Gamer #67 and a boxed edition published in 1992. These scans were provided by Orbit War designer Wallace Wang (bothecat@home.com, Web Site.)

Fury of the Norsemen: Prototype
These scans are from the original prototype assembled by designer Kevin Hendryx (KevinHendryx@mail.utexas.edu) in 1979-1980.

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