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The Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide is a 500 page index covering all board game and RPG related articles in all issues of the 1980's game magazines Space Gamer, Fantasy Gamer, Nexus, Ares, Interplay and The VIP of Gaming. This spiral-wire bound softcover is equally at home on your gaming table, coffee table, or mantlepiece.

Article Index: Over 4000 articles have been indexed and organized by game name and subject. Seven appendices cover non-game related articles such as book reviews, film reviews, video games, computer games, fiction, and play-by-mail games. An author index helps you track down articles by your favorite gamers.

Magazine Listings: The Guide contains an issue by issue publishing summary for each magazine. These lists cover featured articles as well as noting changes in staff or format. Recurring columns and features in each magazine are briefly described.

One of a Kind: There is no other resource available that provides you with the wealth of information contained in the Guide. It is an invaluable reference for players and collectors of old board games and RPGs. It is the fastest way to locate articles containing errata, variants, scenarios, reviews, and strategy articles for sci-fi and fantasy games from the 1980's.

Limited Edition: The limited edition of the Gamer's Guide consisted of 98 signed and numbered copies. The remaining copies are not signed or numbered, so they are being sold at a special discounted price.

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Preview a sample page from the Guide

More about the MagazinesContentsGamesSubjects


ARES "The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy Simulation"

FANTASY GAMER "The Magazine of Fantasy Gaming"

INTERPLAY "The Metagamer Dialogues"

NEXUS "The Gaming Connection"

THE SPACE GAMER "The Magazine of Adventure Gaming"


THE VIP OF GAMING The Lost Space Gamer Issues

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Guide cover art by Ron Shirtz


Here is an overview of the TABLE OF CONTENTS from the Guide:

        About the Guide, page i
        How to Use the Game Article Index, page i
        Acknowledgements, page iv

        Magazine Listings, page 1

          Ares, page 3
          Fantasy Gamer, page 7
          Interplay, page 9
          Nexus, page 11
          The Space Gamer, page 13
          Space Gamer - Fantasy Gamer, page 19
          The VIP of Gaming, page 21

        Game Article Index, page 23
        Special Topic Headings:

          Designers, page 83
          Magazines, page 160
          Miniatures, page 173
          Miscellaneous, page 185
          Publishers, page 227
          RPG Supplements, page 244


          I. Non-Game Articles, page 379
          II. Book Reviews, page 385
          III. Fiction, page 415
          IV. Movie Reviews, page 423
          V. Play-By-Mail Games, page 429
          VI. Video and Computer Games, page 439
          VII. Author Index, page 465
          VIII. Magazine Games, page 497

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Here is a partial list of the hundreds of games covered in the Guide:

4000 A.D. * Advanced Dungeons & Dragons * Adventures in Fantasy * The Adventures of Indiana Jones * Aftermath * The Air-Eaters Strike Back * Albion * Alien Space * Amoeba Wars * Annihilator * Arena of Death * Armor at Kursk * Asteroid * Asteroid Zero-Four * Axis and Allies * Azhanti High Lightning * Banana Quest * Barbarian Prince * Battlecars * BattleFleet Mars * Battlesuit * Battletech * Battlewagon * Beachhead * Berserker * Black Hole * Blood Bowl * Boarding Party * Boot Hill * Bushido * Call of Cthulhu * Car Wars * Cardboard Heroes * Champions * Chill * Chitin: I * Chivalry & Sorcery * Citadel of Blood * City States of Arklyrell * Conan * Cosmic Encounter * The Creature that Ate Sheboygan * Crime Fighter * Cyberpunk * Damocles Mission * Danger International * Daredevils * Dark Stars * DC Heroes * Delta Force * DeltaVee * Demons * Dragon Pass * Dragon Rage * DragonQuest * Dragonriders of Pern * Dune * Dungeons & Dragons * East Wind Rain * Elfquest * Empire of the Petal Throne * Espionage * The Fantasy Trip * Federation and Empire * Federation Space * Freedom in the Galaxy * Fringeworthy * FTL: 2448 * Fury of the Norsemen * Gamma World * Globbo * Godsfire * Grav Armor * GURPS * Harn * Helltank * Heroes of Olympus * Heroic Fantasy * The High Crusade * High Fantasy * Highway 2000 * History of the Second World War * Hot Spot * Hyper Battle * Ice War * Illuminati * Imperium * Introduction to Adventure Gaming * Intruder * Invasion of the Air-Eaters * Invasion: America * James Bond 007 * Junta * Justice Inc. * Killer * Kung Fu 2100 * The Lords of Underearth * Lords of Valetia * Magic Realm * Man, Myth & Magic * Marvel Super Heroes * Mechanoid Invasion * Mechwarrior * Mekton * Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes * Metamorphosis: Alpha * Middle Earth * Middle-earth Role Playing * Monsters! Monsters! * Moon Base Clavius * The Morrow Project * Musketeers * Necromancer * Nightmare House * Nuclear Escalation * Nuclear War * Ogre * Olympica * The Omega War * One World * Operation Pegasus * Orbit War * Paranoia * Pendragon * Ragnarok * Raid on Iran * Ramspeed * Rescue from the Hive * The Return of the Stainless Steel Rat * Ringworld * Risk * Rivets * Rolemaster * Rommel's Panzers * Runequest * Shadowrun * Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective * Shooting Stars * Skull and Crossbones * Sorceror * Space Opera * Space: 1889 * Stalin's Tanks * Star Fleet Battles * Star Frontiers * Star Patrol * Star Probe * Star Quest * Star Smuggler * Star Trader * Star Trek III Starship Combat Game * Star Trek: The Role Playing Game * Star Venture * Star Viking * Star Wars * Starfire * Starfleet Wars * StarForce * Starguard! * StarMaster * Starship Troopers * Starweb * Stellar Conquest * Stormbringer * Superworld * Swashbuckler * The Sword and the Stars * Swordquest * Swords and Glory * Swords and Sorcery * Thieves' Guild * Thieves' World * Timemaster * Titan * To Challenge Tomorrow * Toon * Top Secret * Traveller * Triplanetary * Tunnels & Trolls * Twilight: 2000 * Ultra-Warrior * Undead * Universe * Viceroys! * Villains and Vigilantes * Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora * War of the Ring * War of the Worlds * Warhammer * WarpWar * Warsaw Pact * White Bear & Red Moon * Wild West * Wizard's Realm * Worlds of Wonder * The Wreck of the B.S.M. Pandora * The Ysgarth Rule System * The Ythri * Zargonians

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These are the subject category abbreviations used to classify articles in the Guide:

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