Microgame Design Contest Entries

Coordinator's Note:
It's been my intention all along to make each of these games available in PDF format since the Acrobat Reader software is a free download, is available on most platforms, and because I have the PDF writer software. What I found is that the process was more difficult than I thought. Entrants were coming up with file formats I couldn't convert, and the programs I used, mostly MS Word 7.0 and Adobe Acrobat 3.01, made some strange decisions in the conversion process. I've come to the conclusion that WYSIWYG ain't; what I saw on my screen often had only a passing resemblance to what I got output as PDF!

I'm therefore making the games available as submitted as well as PDF so that you can go right to the source and see the documents as the authors intended! And now, in no particular order, the games...

Glider-Pit Gladiators (GPG) - Leonardo DaVinci's flying machines meet the Roman Coliseum. Six men launch themselves into the deep pit, swooping through the air in primitive gliders. Armed for combat, they battle with spear, net and sword (or all the rocks they can carry.) The last in the air wins. Get high on Gladiators!

Glider-Pit Gladiators 2002
Updated graphics and rules for the 2002 Microgame Design Contest (hosted on a Yahoo forum that has been deleted.)

NEW! GPG 2002 - complete ZIP file - rules, expansion, counters, map, Version 2.02, April & May 2002 (488KB)

Separate Glider-Pit Gladiators 2002 files:
GPG 2002 rules, PDF file, Version 2.02, April 2002 (89KB)
GPG 2002 counters, BMP file, may be used with original rules (809KB)
GPG 2002 map, BMP file, may be used with original rules (1.86MB)
GPG 2002 Campaign Expansion rules, PDF file, Version 2.02, May 2002 (66.5KB)
GPG 2002 contest PDF - rules, map, and counters - but rules are skewed in PDF, separate versions above recommended (939KB)

Obsolete Glider Pit Gladiators files
See the current GPG files above!
GPG rules update, PDF file, Version 2.01, December 1999 (32KB)
GPG Campaign Expansion, Version 2.0, December 1999 (17KB)
GPG Lo-Tech Combo pack: Version 2.01 rules + 1999 Campaign Expansion in Word Perfect 6 (21KB) or plain text (not recommended!) (15KB)
Original contest PDF file , October 1998, with map and counters (564KB)
Original contest ZIP, October 1998 (1.30MB) - A WP6 document, with a BMP map and JPG counter sheet

"The Shining" is a game based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. One player controls the evil and sentient Overlook hotel, the other the Torrence family, winter caretakers of the haunted estate. Using ambiant hedge animals, terrifying phantoms and possibly human possession, the hotel tried to claim young, psychically gifted Danny as it's own - by killing him! But Danny and his family will not go gentle into the dark night.

This gave me some trouble with the various conversions, so I have a few different versions:
Original ZIP (1.05MB) - The original ZIP file contains a WordPerfect document and 3 Corel Draw documents for the map and additional counters.
PDF version (4.25MB) - This version is all PDF, but some fonts were lost in the conversion, losing some of the flavor.
PDF/GIF version (917KB) - This is probably the best compromise. The rules are in PDF, while the counters and maps are in GIF format, and look very nice!

Itty Bitty Battles is a generic fantasy combat game that can serve as a drop in battle simulator for your favorite RPG or just as an interesting diversion in its own right. IBB is a simple to learn, unsophisticated game system that emphasizes leadership and unit formation. IBB features a Design your own Itty Bitty Battle system (DIBBs), Magickal combat, many different troop types that do different things, 3 beginner scenarios, a PBeM system, and the IBB Big Book of Magick and Prayers. Have fun, you should be able to play out a game in an hour or two, on your kitchen table.
Original ZIP (418KB) - Contains a Word 8.0 document with the rules, 2 BMP files for counters and the map, and (joy!) a CyberBoard-compatible gamebox file!
PDF version - (703KB) - Complete PDF version
Gamebox - (91KB) The CyberBoard compatible gambebox by itself.

Candidate - There are no issues, no matters of state or of policy -- just the never-ending drive to be elected. Shape your reputation to fit the whims of the electorate. Sling mud, promise the moon, and always give the people what they ask for!
PDF Version (473KB) - This was submitted in PDF form.

Non-judging Entry! - Axes and Allies is a live action combat game. It includes shifting alliances and slow, agonizing deaths. Enjoy!
PDF Version (237KB) - PDF only.

The author has chosen not to have this submission be eligible for judging, though when I played it (and won) with my Dad and his girlfriend, I had a great time!